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Our Mission

The firm of Robert J. Lence Architect, Inc. was founded on the principle that anything needing to be built, large or small, simple or complex, should and can be Architecture.


On each new project, our primary goal is to create an architectural design that goes beyond meeting our client's present needs and expectations. If it is a true work of Architecture, it will be timeless, revealing new aspects of itself throughout the decades.


Our client will continue to grow aesthetically in such an environment, and it will be a continually rewarding setting for his or her lifetime. That is the standard by which we will measure our success.

Design Excellence
Our Clients

Above all, the most important component in any architectural endeavor is the relationship established with the client. Clear, concise lines of communication ultimately lead to groundbreaking projects that stimulate the mind, body and spirit.


The soul of a building, its character and personality - the very thing that makes it Architecture - cannot be established without the architect's true understanding of the client's needs and desires.


Rather than rigidly impose our preferences, as architects we must be flexible in our consideration of the client's thoughts, goals and ambitions.

Our Principal

Robert J. Lence became a registered Architect in the state of Florida in 1992, four years after earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree with Honors. With over 20 years of professional experience, Robert has completed designs and construction documents for hundreds of residential and commercial projects throughout the state of Florida.


While living in Miami in the early 1990's he established his architectural practice and conducted dozens of post Hurricane Andrew structural evaluations, becoming thoroughly familiar with local codes which heavily influenced the contents of the presently enforced Florida Building Code.


Strongly interested in the fields of structural design and historic preservation, Robert has collaborated on the restoration of several historic buildings in Miami's South Beach and Coral Gables, as well as Tampa's Ybor City. He is NCARB certified, a member of the American Institute of Architects and the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is a VA approved plans certifier. Robert is also bilingual, as Spanish is written and spoken fluently.

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