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Residential Projects

Through the years, we have completed hundreds of designs and construction documents for custom homes and residential developments located throughout the state of Florida. Some of our most rewarding projects have been single-family homes, as we have truly enjoyed the challenge of making a positive impact in our client's lives through Architecture. On new homes we have assisted our clients from the beginning stages of site selection through the final completion of construction. When designing additions and renovations, we strive to establish a harmony and continuity with the home's existing structure. In addition to our extensive background with single-family custom homes, we also have experience working with various other residential building types:

Multi-family residential  |  Condominiums  |  Hotels  |  Apartments  |  Retirement Housing  |  Planned Communities

The diversity of our residential design work represents a wide range of responses to the functional, contextual and aesthetic needs of our clients and we take great pride in our ability to satisfy those requirements. Our portfolio includes homes influenced by the following architectural styles: 

International Style  |  Victorian  |  Florida Cracker  |  Post Modern  |  Neoclassical  |  Mediterranean Revival

Key West / Caribbean  |  Art Deco  |  High-tech / Industrial  |  Georgian Plantation  |  Post Modern

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